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Stucken Melchers is one of Europe’s leading trading companies in the Natural Fiber sector.
We would like to introduce our company as well as our products to you whilst at the same time giving you some information about possible applications.
Besides Wool and Silk, our product range comprises mainly a variety of luxury animal fibers such as Cashmere, Camel wool, Angora Rabbit Hair etc. as well as several plant fibers including Ramie and Hemp. In addition, we offer a limited selection of fibers produced from renewable raw materials and can be used as substitutes for synthetic fibers or Viscose.
Clients around the world use our fibers to produce apparel, home and technical textiles, nonwovens and insulation materials, felts, and hand-knitting yarns.
Stucken Melchers combines the experience and expertise of its two Bremen-based shareholders, C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG founded 1806 on the one hand, and the wool trading company Stucken GmbH & Co. KG, operational since 1863, on the other.


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